25.Aug .2020 18:10

The world's first confirmed case of coronavirus re-infection has been identified

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Hong Kong scientists claim they have detected a case of re-infection with COVID-19.

According to them, a 33-year-old man who first became infected with the coronavirus four and a half months ago has tested positive for the second time.

The BBC writes that this is the first confirmed case of re-infection with the coronavirus in the world.

During the first infection, the man had mild symptoms and spent 14 days in the hospital until full recovery, while at the time of re-infection he had no symptoms.

Commenting on the case, the World Health Organization stated that a conclusion based on just one patient should not be made. Some experts believe that re-infection may be a one of the rarest cases.

Scientists say that a COVID infected person develops immunity to the virus, however, it is still unknown how strong this immunity is, or how long it lasts.