13.Dec .2021 15:30

There Are Many Violations In The Fuel Sector - Wissol

There Are Many Violations In The Fuel Sector - Wissol
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Vasil Khorava, CEO of Wissol declares, that non-branded players of the fuel sector frequently violate fuel sale standards, as well as safety rules. As he notes, in some cases, there are cases of fiscal misconduct, which suffers the state budget.

Khorava believes that the state must enforce the legislation in the fuel sector.

"Freedom for some unscrupulous businesses can mean breaking the rules of the game. Today we operate in an industry where different players are violating safety rules and we look at it as usual thing. We are a business and have no leverage to regulate that industry. We see that they are violating the quality parameters, as well as the fiscal parameters, not being accountable to the budget, to the same degree as we are. They are also violating the technical parameters of the petrol stations. As a result of all this, we have a competitor in the industry who disregards these rules, his capital expenditures are minimal.

We cannot control it, as we do not have the leverage. The only thing we can do is to bring this voice to the state and then the state must act. From today's point of view, the business environment is free, however, there are shortcomings that need to be addressed with more regulations from the state. Legislation is written, but it is not being enforced," said Vasil Khorava.