11.Jul .2022 18:00

There is no need to wear a mask - Health Minister

There is no need to wear a mask - Health Minister
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Health Minister Zurab Azarashvili declares that wearing of facemask is not planned to become mandatory based on the available data of coronavirus cases.

As the minister said after the government meeting, despite the increased cases of infection, there was no serious epidemiological situation in the country.

"According to recent data, there is no need to become facemask wearing mandatory either today or in the near future. The fact that there are increased cases of coronavirus does not mean that we should discuss a serious epidemiological situation", Azarashvili states.

When asked by BMG whether the Ministry receives recommendations from the Immunization Council, the Minister says that they no longer receive advice in this format.

"Today, we do not have recommendations in the format of the Immunization Council, although we receive various advice every day. Depending on the expediency, we will discuss these issues or not. There is no need for it today. If it is said that the use of masks is desirable, any person can use them and we cannot forbid anyone. In medical institutions, this rule still applies and it is necessary to use a face mask", says Zurab Azarashvili.