02.Dec .2020 10:30

“This is the budget for deepening poverty further " - Chiaberashvili

“This is the budget for deepening poverty further " - Chiaberashvili

“This is the budget for deepening poverty further”, - Zurab Chiaberashvili, member of political party "European Georgia" assessed the 2021 budget. He also considered pension increase by the government from next year.

“Pension increase by 20 and 25 GEL is to give very little to the society in order to justify themselves. In fact, rising prices are the most painful, especially for pensioners, who face increased prices on a daily basis while entering the store or pharmacy. This practically does not compensate for the hardships that exist in the country," Chiaberashvili said.

According to Chiaberashvili, optimal choice might be sharp rearrangement of the budget, reduction of unnecessary expenditures.

“We are telling the government for several years that we need to significantly reduce bureaucratic spending in order to leave the money in the economy and have faster growth. If our economy grows, the amount withdrawn from the budget will be more and it will be possible to really increase the pension," Chiaberashvili said.