12.Dec .2019 12:55

TiflisTex's Georgian Socks are Exported to the EU Market

TiflisTex's Georgian Socks are Exported to the EU Market
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The Georgian socks manufacture company TiflisTex, exports products under the label “Made in Georgia” to Greece and Azerbaijan. Giorgi Gachechiladze, General Manager of the enterprise, told BM.GE.

"Though the company is operating on the market for over a year, the products are also sold abroad. We make export in two countries. One is a member of the EU, so we are presented on the EU market. These countries are Greece and Azerbaijan. We have exported over 1 million pairs of socks within a year, but I cannot name exact value of the products", - says the managing director.

As he explains, GEL depreciation has a less impact on the company due to the export.

"We are balancing this impact at the expense of export," Gachechiladze says.

To note, 6 million GEL has been invested in the opening of the enterprise and currently employs 55 persons. The enterprise was launched within the frame of “Produce in Georgia”. It should be noted that cost of pair socks ranges within 2-10 GEL on the local Georgian market.