29.Jun .2020 10:54

“Today, there are many smart, active people, but they cannot find a place and go abroad”

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At some point, I decided to invest in Georgia. Kakha (Bendukidze) made revolutionary shifts in Georgia and that was a sign for me, - Revaz Vashakidze, the founder of the company "Chirina", told "Forbes Kvira".

He positively assesses the reforms carried out by Kakha Bendukidze and says that during his tenure the legislative base has become pro-business.

“Today, there are many smart, active people, but they cannot find a place and go abroad. There is no elite in Georgia, who would support these people and develop them. That’s the problem.

During Kakha’s time there was a trend that everything was evolving, the legislative base was being modified in order to be more pro-business. For example, during Shevardnadze's time, a lot of things were transferred from the Soviet Union, and there was taken a big step in terms of corruption and the weakening of officials’ influence in the government, "- said Revaz Vashakidze.

It was this environment that prompted the businessman to start a business from zero in Georgia, where everything was ruined. As for the his decision, why Revaz Vashakidze start a poultry business, he declared that the field allows improvement of many other sectors.

"Initially, I wanted to invest $ 500 million, because almost everything in Georgia was ruined, and that allowed us to create a lot of new things from zero, to employ a lot of young people and develop different directions.

Why chickens? - Because it is an affordable product. Technologically production of modern chicken is quite difficult, respectively mastering of this technology allows the country to move to a new level. I had nothing common with poultry business before discussing this issue.

We invested $ 100 million in a poultry cluster, which can be multiplied by us, for instance in western Georgia, in order to make production more important. This allows us to export our products abroad and moreover, it attracts production of wheat and corn. If we develop this, the Georgian economy will be on a completely different level,"- explained the founder of "Chirina".