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TOP 10 Economic Events of the Week (October 5-10, 2020)

TOP 10 Economic Events of the Week (October 5-10, 2020)
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Here are the TOP 10 economic events of the current week (5-10 October 2020)

1. The average monthly nominal salary of employees in Georgia increased to 1 129.5 GEL in 2019;

2. World Bank economic growth forecast;

3. Projections of the Anaklia Project in 2021;

4. The Government of Georgia has approved the resolution on accepting the status of "International Company" for foreign companies;

5. The Partnership Fund finished 2019 with a profit of 71 million GEL;

6. Georgia has officially nominated Zurab Pololikashvili for the post of Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for a second term;

7. Discussions of the draft state budget of Georgia have started;

8. Problems in the field of tourism - what do the representatives of the tourism sector demand?

9. Consequences of reorganization of the National Property Agency;

10. Receiving of applications on Entrepreneurship Support Grants at “Produce in Georgia” begins.