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TOP-10 Import Partners Of Russia In 1Q2022

TOP-10 Import Partners Of Russia In 1Q2022
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Georgia increased its import ties with Russia after Russia started the war in Ukraine, - according to the data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat).

In March, the country bought USD 91.6 million worth of Russian goods, which was USD 2.2 million (2.5%) more compared to the same period of the last year.

Leading positions in Russian imports are occupied by energy carriers - oil, natural gas and electricity. The increase in imports was mainly due to the rise in energy prices.

In Q1, Georgia bought goods worth USD 273.5 million from Russia, which was 23.7% more than last year.

Russia's share in Georgian imports was 10.2% in the first quarter, making it the third-largest after Turkey and China.

TOP-10 Import Partners Of Russia In 1Q2022

1. JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia
2. JSC Elite Electronics
3. Georgian Distribution-Marketing Company Ltd.
4. GRC Ltd.
5. Alta Ltd.
6. Sharm Trading Ltd.
7. Georgian Manganese Ltd.
8. Uni-2 Ltd
9. San Petroleum Georgia Ltd.
10. Lux Oil Ltd.

Note: importing companies listed in no particular order