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Top 10 Simplified Public Procurement Companies - TI Georgia

Top 10 Simplified Public Procurement Companies - TI Georgia
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Transparency International Georgia studied Georgian private companies that received the most money from simplified (direct) public procurement in 2021.

Simplified (direct) procurement is a form of public procurement, when a contract is directly signed with a particular company, without competition. Organizations working on the issue often point out that simplified procurement carries a high risk of corruption on the one hand, while on the other - it no longer allows the state to save moeny because there is no competition.

The source of information is Transparency International Georgia's web portal www.tendermonitor.ge, which allows users to monitor government contracts.

TOP-10 Companies That Received The Most Money From Simplified Public Procurement

Caucasus Road Project - 12.5 million
Advanced Medical Technologies and Services - 11.6 million
Via Distribution - 6.4 million
Universal Spirits - 5.8 million
English Book Education - 5.0 million
Construction company Mamisoni - 4.7 million
Wissol Petroleum Georgia - 4.5 million
INSI - 4.5 million
Omnes Tour - 4.1 million
Silknet - 3.8 million