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Top 10 Trade Products - Georgia-Bulgaria

Top 10 Trade Products - Georgia-Bulgaria
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The trade turnover between Georgia and Bulgaria made up USD 432.7 million in 2021, - show the preliminary data from the National Statistics Office of Georgia (Geostat). As of the report, Bulgaria's share in the external trade turnover of Georgian stood at 3% last year.

As of Geostat, last year Georgia exported USD 254 million worth of goods to Bulgaria, which is 18.8% less compared to 2020.

TOP-10 Commodity Groups That Georgia Sold In Bulgaria Last Year:

1. Copper Ores and Concentrates (USD 241.2 million)
2. Mineral or chemical fertilizers, nitrogen (USD 4.6 million)
3. Sacks and packaging materials (USD 1.5 million)
4. Waste and scrap copper (USD 1.2 million)
5. Hazelnuts and other nuts (USD 1 Million)
6. Commodities for attractions, table or room games (USD 0.8 million)
7. Cars (USD 0.6 million)
8. Lead metal raw materials (USD 0.4 Million)
9. Tools and equipment for medical or veterinary use (USD 0.3 million)
10. Natural honey (USD 0.2 million).
As for imports, USD 179 million was spent on imports from Georgia to Bulgaria in 2021. Last year, the figure stood at USD 110.4 million.

TOP-10 Product That Georgia Buys In Bulgaria:

1. Oil and oil products (USD 114 million)
2. Medicines packaged (USD 11 million)
3. Presses, crushers and similar machines for the production of beverages (USD 5.5 million)
4. Goods for attractions, table or room games (USD 2.9 million)
5. Food products (USD 1.9 million)
6. Bread, flour confectionery, sugar, cakes and other pastries (USD 1.9 million)
7. Parts of vehicles, put into operation (USD 1.8 million)
8. Furniture for seating and their parts (USD 1.7 million)
9. Furniture Other and its parts (USD 1.7 million)
10. Rubber pneumatic springs and tires, restored or worn (USD 1.6 million).