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TOP-20 Exporting Companies In Georgia Last Year

TOP-20 Exporting Companies In Georgia Last Year
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Exports from Georgia increased by USD 900 million or 27% in 2021 reaching 4.2 billion. China ranks on the first place, where commodities worth of 615.6 million have been exported. Exports growth in China made up 29%. Exports were increased with a higher pace (38%) in Russia amounting to USD 610 million. As a result, Russia left behind Azerbaijan and became the second-largest export market.

In 2021 copper ores and concentrates reclaimed first place in the list of top export items, equaling USD 815 million with 19% of total exports. The exports of ferroalloys totaled USD 477 million. The motor cars exports occupied the third place standing at USD 456.

TOP-20 Exporting Companies In Georgia Last Year

1. Askaneli Brothers Ltd.
2. Kakhetian Traditional Winery Ltd.
3. Caucasus Auto Import Ltd.
4. "IdS Borjomi Georgia, Ltd." Georgian Branch of IDS Borjomi Beverages Company "
5. GMP Ltd.
6. Chiaturmanganum Georgia LLC
7. JSC Lomisi
8. JSC RMG Copper
9. RMG Gold Ltd.
10. Georgian Manganese Ltd.
11. Toyota Caucasus and Central Asia Ltd.
12. Adjara Textile Ltd.
13. LegoMetal Ltd.
14. JSC Rustavi Azot
15. JTI Caucasus
16. Gebrüder Weiss Ltd.
17. Ltd. Steel International Trading Company
18. Moulds & Metals Georgia Ltd.
19. Caucasian Metals Terminal Ltd.
20. Metal Construction Georgia Ltd.

*Companies listed in no particular order