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TOP-5 Companies That Import Russian Fuel To Georgia

TOP-5 Companies That Import Russian Fuel To Georgia
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The Georgian National Competition Agency published a report on the price advantage of Russian fuel in May. The report found that the cost of Russian fuel was cheaper compared to the fuel imported from Romania and Bulgaria.

According to the statistics, 385,678 thousand liters of fuel were imported to Georgia in January-April 2022.

Imports are distributed by countries as follows:

● Romania - 31.2% of imports;
● Bulgaria - 24.1% of imports;
● Russia - 17.8% of imports;
● Azerbaijan - 14.7% of imports;
● Turkmenistan - 12% of imports.

According to the National Statistics Office of Georgia, all the main players of the market import fuel from Russia. One of them is Lukoil Georgia, which is a subsidiary of the Russian oil company Lukoil. However, the statistics do not indicate the order of the companies or the volumes of Russian fuel purchased by them.

TOP-5 companies that imported the most Russian oil in April (listed in no particular order):

● Lukoil-Georgia Ltd;
● Rompetrol Georgia Ltd;
● SOCAR Georgia Petroleum Ltd;
● JSC Wissol Petroleum Georgia;
● San Petroleum Georgia Ltd (Gulf).