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Top Investor Countries in Armenian Economy

Top Investor Countries in Armenian Economy
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In January-September 2021, foreign investments in Armenia totaled more than 162 billion drams (US$ 337,517,928) against 16.3 billion drams (US$ 33,960,137) in the same period of 2020, according to the data of the National Statistical Committee (NSC).

Of this amount, about 88.1 billion drams (US$183,551,416) were foreign direct investment (FDI). In January-September 2020, foreign direct investments recorded minus 36 billion drams(US$75,003,984), ARKA reports.

Germany was the largest investor in the Armenian economy in the first nine months of 2021 with net 56.9 billion drams (US$118,547,963), by about 11.8 billion drams (US$24,584,639) more than in the same time span in 2020, while German direct investment grew to 38.2 billion (US$808,792,960).

Italy was the second largest foreign investor with about 20.8 billion drams(US$43,335,635). Italian investments grew by about 2.3 billion drams (US$4,791,921), while its direct investments amounted to about 13.7 billion drams (US$28,543,182), growing by about 7.3 billion drams (US$15,209,141) .

The main flow of investments in January-September 2021 was channeled into energy sector (60. 7 billion drams or US$126,465,050) and mining (54.4 billion drams or US$113,339,353).