06.Mar .2020 17:39

Tourism Administration: March will be full of challenges for tourism industry

Tourism Administration: March will be full of challenges for tourism industry
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According to National Tourism Administration, March will be full of challenges in the tourism and aviation industry for Georgia as well as the world.

This is stated in the assessment published by the Tourism Administration:

"According to the International Air Transport Association, due to the rapid spread of coronavirus, the loss of international aviation has already reached 4.9% in two months. The annual loss could reach 13%, reducing the aviation sector's total revenue to $ 28 billion.

Given the objective international trends, it is expected that March will be full of high challenges for both Georgia and the world in the tourism and aviation industry.

As you know, the virus is characterized with seasonality, so the National Tourism Administration will increase the intensity of marketing campaigns in different directions with maximum activities.

The Government of Georgia has implemented a number of effective measures within the framework of the new Coronavirus Preventive Measures, including various border checkpoints, airports, customs terminals, etc. Every citizen of Georgia as well as a foreign citizen entering the country, is strictly checked. Mass disinfection works are being carried out both in state institutions, educational institutions and places of assembly. Such measures would support Georgia's image that Georgia is among the low-risk countries with the outbreak of the new Coronavirus. Georgia is one of the safest tourist destinations, and this image will help the private sector along with the spread of the virus and help potential tourists make their choice when traveling abroad”, the tourism administration said.