20.Jul .2021 12:00

Tourism Income Will Reach 4,2 BLN USD In 2025 - Deputy Minister

Tourism Income Will Reach 4,2 BLN USD In 2025 - Deputy Minister
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The Committee heard the activity report by the state in Tourism Sector for 2020 and the information about the activities scheduled in the post-pandemic period.

“The first task is to, within the shortest period, regain the index of 2019 in tourism, while the long-term strategy envisages the sustainable development. In short term, we are to enhance the merited positioning of Georgia implying security and hospitality. We also have to implement the Action Plan and Strategy for 2025, now getting adapted to the current reality and, as I presume, in a month or so, it will be submitted to the society”, - the Deputy Economic Minister, Mariam Kvrivishvili stated.

According to her, the Bill on Tourism is under development in cooperation with the private sector, executive authority and donor organizations.

“When speaking about the long-term indices maintaining the dynamics we currently enjoy in the restoration of tourism and aviation, we can achieve the indices as follows – if in 2019, tourism income was 3,3 bl. USD, in 2025 we shall enjoy 4,2 bl. USD and 6,5 bl. USD in 2030”, - Kvirishvili noted.