20.Jan .2021 10:30

“Tourism received very little assistance” – The company

“Tourism received very little assistance” – The company
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Nika Manjgaladze, general manager of TravelShop told BM.GE, that tourism received very little assistance comparing to the revenue sector generated in the period before the pandemic.

“Tourism sector suffered the most, while it helped the country very much before the pandemic. It is a bit sad, but we are silent because tourism has always been an apolitical sector. We have never held any demonstrations or rallies, we have always worked for ourselves. Noting, how much the sector contributed, received assistance was very small”, the general manager of TravelShop declares.

Manjgaladze notes that tourism is a part of a chain that includes many businesses in Georgia, including food facilities, transport and guides.

The government enacted tax breaks from 2021.