26.Feb .2021 11:30

“Travel Safely” - Tourism Marketing Strategy in 2021

“Travel Safely” - Tourism Marketing Strategy in 2021
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“Travel Safely "- this is the main slogan, which will position Georgia on the international travel market amid the pandemic.

A tourism marketing strategy is worked out. According to the strategy, a list of specific countries is selected, where Georgian tourism companies will take part in the international exhibitions in-person, as well as remotely.

The National Tourism Administration cannot name the exact value of the marketing activities.

"The list includes the following countries Israel, the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf states. Neighboring countries are also considered. The list also includes European countries with high spendings. As for specific marketing activities, Georgia will take part in international tourism fairs that have positioned the country for many years and we will not lose this niche either.

We also plan to implement targeted campaigns tailored to a very specific segment in the countries. We will place great emphasis on access to the information. We are actively planning to make the country's tourism website as user-friendly and informative as possible,” - says the acting head of the National Tourism Administration Medea Janiashvili.

The National Tourism Administration explains that the main focus should be made that Georgia can receive visitors safely. According to the head of the Tourism Administration, Georgian hotels successfully managed the quarantine spaces. She notes, that some experience is already accumulated.

Last week the Minister of Economy Natia Turnava said that "an updated marketing strategy is worked out for tourism, which is discussed with the business”. Turnava deeply believes that tourism in the country will recover soon.