26.Mar .2020 18:03

Tsezar Chocheli: lari rate changes on a daily basis, we don't know what will happen in a week and it destroys us

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Businessman Tsezar Chocheli supposes that lari rate will continue depreciation and due to the unpredictable environment it will be the hardest year for the business.

Chocheli noted with BM.GE, that realization is declined by this time, but given the current social background, prices are not projected to rise.

"Lari rate is in a very difficult situation and respectively, our country's economy, but it is a global problem. We had currency revenues from visitors, moreover remittances are the source of large income, the 3rd is investments and the 4th – export. With a better scenario, we will have half of the visitors and 60% of remittances this year. So, we have to look at the real future of lari rate. Let’s think that the situation is improved in 2-3 months, we will still have complications.

Currency fluctuations are the most painful issue for us, because all companies have a loss due to the current rate. The key task is to keep employees and jobs somehow. Leaving them out in the streets is a crime and it is a crime for the country when the economy is in a difficult condition. So we are working 24 hours to do the correct calculations, but the exchange rate changes every day and it ruins us", said Tsezar Chocheli.