07.Dec .2021 22:00

Turkey's Airports Host 11.3M Passengers in November

Turkey's Airports Host 11.3M Passengers in November
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Turkish airports welcomed 11.3 million passengers in November 2021, according to the country’s air travel authority.

November's figures nearly doubled from last year when the coronavirus hit the world, the State Airports Authority General Directorate (DHMI) reported, AA (Anadolu Agency) reports.

The figures were close to the pre-pandemic level of 14.5 million in November 2019, the authority added.

Some 6.3 million passengers took domestic flights, while 5 million took international flights last month.

The airports served 127,512 aircraft, including overflights this November, of which 60,978 were on domestic routes and 39,017 on international routes.

The DHMI report also said cargo traffic reached 285,370 tons last month.

The Istanbul Airport welcomed 3.8 million passengers on both international and domestic routes, serving over 27,391 airplanes in November.

In January-November, the number of air passengers through Turkish airports hit 118.4 million.

The plane traffic was 1.3 million in the first eleven months of this year.​​​​​​​