10.Jul .2020 12:14

Turkey’s Exports to 20 EU countries increased in June

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A new type of coronavirus the impact of the epidemic on the economy as the most deeply felt in March-April-May period, Turkey's exports to the EU worth mentioning compared to the same period last year were affected in a negative way. However, the economy's revival came and began to spin the wheel again on the road to recovery in industrial exports to the EU and Turkey recorded a significant improvement compared to previous months.

Turkey's exports increased by 15.8 percent last month was 13 billion 469 million dollars.

With the beginning of June normalization process with Turkey, both in global trade stood attacks EU trade.
Turkey's traditional export markets in the European Union (EU) foreign sales of a new type of coronavirus  march in the shadow of the epidemic, April and decreased when compared to the same period last year, in May months, increased exports to 20 of the 27 EU member states in June.

AA correspondent, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM), according to information compiled from the data, in June of last year, a total of 4 billion 931 million to 553 thousand dollars of Turkey's 27 exports to EU countries increased by 5.7 percent in the same period this year of 5 billion 214 million It rose to $ 537 thousand.

Decrease in exports to Italy, Spain and France continued

In the said periods, the highest increase in exports was made to Cyprus. Exports to the Greek Cypriot Administration in June of $ 11.66 in June of last year increased by 230.34 percent in June of this year and reached $ 38,53.

Following the Southern Cyprus Administration, exports to Croatia increased by 55.49 percent from $ 21 million 281 thousand 90 to $ 33 million 92 thousand 11, exports to Estonia increased by 47.50 percent from $ 5 million 283 thousand 48 to 7 million 793 thousand 39 dollars. Exports to Lithuania increased by 47.46 percent from 13 million 745 thousand 17 dollars to 20 million 268 thousand 65 dollars, and exports to Finland rose 41.11% from 21 million 701 thousand 65 dollars to 30 million 623 thousand 22 dollars.

In the said period, 31.54 per cent of exports to the EU, Malta, Turkey, Luxembourg exports to 30.96 percent, 19.59 percent, exports to the Netherlands, Denmark "export or 15.56 percent, of Europe's main economies Exports to France decreased by 8.34 percent, exports to Spain decreased by 1.36 percent, and exports to Italy decreased by 1.27 percent.

Among the EU countries, the highest export was made to Germany in June with 1 billion 184 million 554 thousand 33 dollars. Germany was followed by Italy with 600 million 309 thousand 23 dollars, France with 574 million 691 thousand 8 dollars, Spain with 439 million 535 thousand 70 dollars, Netherlands with 362 million 91 thousand 11 dollars.

Although there are decreases in exports to Italy, Spain and France, these countries are among the leading countries in exports to the EU.