22.Jun .2020 10:00

Two new tunnels carved on Rikoti Pass


The modernisation of Rikoti Pass continues to more efficiently connect East and West Georgia.

As part of the project two new tunnels have been carved on the Khevi-Ubisa section, near the villages of Ubisa and Gantiadi.

One tunnel is 346.5 meters while the other is 223 meters.

At the same time, 13 km of roads, 27 bridges and 18 tunnels are under construction on the Ubisa-Shorapani section.

In total on Rikoti Pass, construction work is currently underway on 30 tunnels and 39 bridges.

Last month the first tunnel, 180 meters in length, was carved through on the Khevi-Ubisa section, near the village of Khevi.

A total of 51.6 km of roads are planned to be built on Rikoti Pass, which will include 96 bridges and 53 tunnels. The construction of the Rikoti Pass section is divided into four phases.