26.Dec .2019 12:00

Udabno - Adjara Group's Multimillion Project in Kakheti

Udabno - Adjara Group's Multimillion Project in Kakheti
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Adjara Group has invested 55 million GEL in Sagarejo, Kakheti region in order to implement the project of Udabno.

As part of the project, the company is gradually mastering land area of 5,000 ha for development of agro-tourism and agro-production.

Nino Kvernadze, director of LLC Udabno, told BM.GE, that investment volume will be grown along with the project.

As for the investment of 55 million GEL, it was spent on land acquisition and infrastructure development. The investment also covered the costs of setting up gardens, vineyards, farms and operating expenditures.

“We started working on the project from 2017 and now we have vineyards and gardens of almonds and berries. In addition, a week ago we brought buffalo and goats from Italy to develop dairy farming. We are going to arrange a small poultry in the future,” says Nino Kvernadze.

According to her, construction of the concept hotel "from Farm to Table" was also planned within the project frame of Udabno. The facility will have its own gardens, farms and businesses.

“We will supply not only the hotel planned within the frame of Udabno but also other objects of Adjara Group. We are also continuing to work with our partner Georgian Farmers' Association and looking forward to deepening this cooperation”, says the director of project Udabno.