30.Jul .2021 10:30

UK Response To Georgian Dream Party Withdrawal From Agreement Of 19 April

UK Response To Georgian Dream Party Withdrawal From Agreement Of 19 April
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The UK has expressed its concern after the Georgian Dream party withdrew from an agreement made on 19 April which sought to end political deadlock.

Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office disseminated a statement:

"The United Kingdom is concerned by the recent announcement of the ruling Georgian Dream party to unilaterally withdraw from the 19 April agreement which sought to end the recent political deadlock. We believe that it is in Georgia’s best interests for all political parties to work together to achieve political stability and reach consensus for the benefit of all the Georgian people.

A functioning, stable democracy is an important prerequisite for Georgia’s progress along its chosen path of Euro-Atlantic integration. Recent developments, including unrestrained attacks on journalists covering Tbilisi Pride on 5 July, have raised doubts about Georgia’s political trajectory.

We urge all political parties in Georgia to abide by the spirit of the 19 April agreement and refocus efforts to deliver the series of judicial, electoral and constitutional reforms envisaged by the agreement. The United Kingdom, together with other international partners, stands ready to assist Georgia to seize the opportunity to develop the strong democratic institutions that are so urgently needed to promote stability and improve resilience to external threats", - the statement reads.