08.Feb .2022 20:00

Ukraine’s grain exports exceed 39M tonnes

Ukraine’s grain exports exceed 39M tonnes
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Ukraine has exported 39.210 million tonnes of grain crops so far in the current 2021/2022 marketing year, which is 9.683 million tonnes more than in the same period last year, according to the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food.

In particular, Ukraine has already exported 17.207 million tonnes of wheat, 5.484 million tonnes of barley, 157.4 thousand tonnes of rye, and 16.095 million tonnes of corn, Ukrindorm reports.

In addition, over the reporting period, Ukraine’s exports of flour came to 63.9 million, which is 24.4 million less than in the same last year).

According to the balance of supply and demand of grain and leguminous crops, the expected production of all crops may reach 83.8 million tonnes. The need for domestic consumption is about 20 million tonnes, which will allow Ukraine to export about 65 million tonnes grain and leguminous crops.

In the 2020/2021 marketing year, Ukraine exported 44.628 million tonnes of grain and leguminous crops.