23.Feb .2022 20:00

Ukrainian entrepreneurs transfer millions to the military

Ukrainian entrepreneurs transfer millions to the military
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Ukrainian entrepreneurs continue to make charitable contributions in support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thanks to the post by the DOU.ua urging IT professionals to make charitable contributions to the fund “Come Back Alive.”

Previously, the fund received donations of $25,000 a month. Today, this figure has already exceeded $100,000, Ukraine Business News reports. 

The money will go to purchase quadcopters for the front. Since 2014, the organization has raised almost UAH 210M ($7.4M).

Here are the companies that have already donated to the Ukrainian Military:The founder of DOU and Djinni, Maksym Ishchenko, transferred UAH 5M. The authors of the show “ShitIknowlive” collected and transferred another UAH 102,000 to the fund on their stream. UAH 900,000 transferred by the IT company N-IX. UAH 1M was transferred by the startup Awesome. UAH 5M was raised by Genesis. Intellias also collected and donated almost UAH 600,000. Uptech raised UAH 1M.