08.Feb .2023 18:00

Ukrainian Restaurant Vyshyvanka Was Opened In Tbilisi

Ukrainian Restaurant Vyshyvanka Was Opened In Tbilisi
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Ukrainian Restaurant Vyshyvanka was opened in Pekini Street in Tbilisi, which offers its guests modernized Ukrainian dishes and Georgian wine.

As restaurant co-founder and chef Tsotne Maisuradze told BM.GE, they decided to open a Ukrainian restaurant last November and launched it with a personal investment of GEL 120,000.

„Vyshyvanka is a casual name for the embroidered shirt in Ukrainian and Belarusian national costumes. We selected the name to express our solidarity with Ukraine.

The number of guests is increasing day by day, and among the customers are both locals and tourists," Tsotne Maisuradze noted, adding that today guests mostly order Ukrainian traditional dishes: Chicken Kyiv, borscht, and meat and fish dumplings, although pancakes with caviar, garlic, avocado and salmon.

Ukrainian restaurant works with a full load and can host over 40 people at the same time. The facility creates 13 jobs.