08.Mar .2023 12:56

Ukrainian retail reopens 80% of outlets closed at start of war

Ukrainian retail reopens 80% of outlets closed at start of war
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A year after the start of full-scale military operations of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, Ukrainian retailers have reopened 80% of outlets closed in March 2022, and the share of open stores today is 95%, according to a survey by the Association of Retailers of Ukraine.

"According to the latest survey of retail networks-members of the Association, after 12 months, out of 16,700 retail facilities throughout the industry, 15,800 are already operating. In the spring, the increase in operating stores was 5-6%, from the middle of summer it stabilized at the level of 1-2%, slowed down in the fall, and accelerated again since the end of last year. So, in comparison with December 2022, now the number of non-operating stores has decreased by 2%," the association said in a statement on its website.

Thus, 80% of the outlets that were closed in March last year have reopened. Today, 914 stores remain closed for various reasons, while in March last year their number was 4,400 facilities.

According to the study of the association, in general, the number of open facilities grew by 24% over the year. Thus, the number of newly opened grocery stores over the 12 months of the war increased by 17%, pharmacies by 13%, non-food retail outlets by 23%, jewelry stores by 58%, household appliances and electronics by 29%, stores clothes by 54%, building materials by 22%, filling stations by 10%, and entertainment centers by 79%.

Hundreds of owners and CEOs of enterprises that are members of the Association of Retailers throughout Ukraine were polled, Interfax-Ukraine reports.