17.Jun .2020 15:37

UN Women Georgia: Covid-19 worsens conditions of women


The Covid-19 has worsened conditions of women in Georgia and deepened gender inequality in the country, says UN Women Georgia.

The burden of unpaid work done at home has increased for women amid the coronavirus pandemic, says the organisation, noting that women spend more time now to take care of children (61%), to clean the house (41%) and cook (31%).

The main activities women are engaged amid the coronavirus pandemic are: cooking, house cleaning, housekeeping, taking care of children, helping children to study.

The main activities men are engaged amid the coronavirus pandemic are: housekeeping, products, resting, taking care of pets, playing with children.

UN Women Georgia says that one third of employed people lost their jobs amid the pandemic.

The study shows that women and girls with disabilities are in a harder situation as restrictions made infrastructure problems more critical for them.

In total, 1,069 people were engaged in the survey across Georgia, out of which 572 were women, while 497 were men.