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Under What Conditions will the Medicines Come from Turkey? - Probable Scenario of Cooperation

Under What Conditions will the Medicines Come from Turkey? - Probable Scenario of Cooperation
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On December 22, the candidate for the Minister of Health informed the citizens that she plans to implement a "principle reform", which includes regulating the prices of medicines. Ekaterine Tikaradze said that a memorandum has already been signed with the Turkish side on this issue.

"This allows the state and private sector the initial cost of medicine. The feeling that medicines are sold in Georgia at 300-400% profit will be reinsured by the state with the transparency offered by the Turkish Ministry," Tikaradze explained.

It should also be noted that now medicines are not imported from Turkey to Georgia, because unlike European drug agencies, there is a high risk of poor quality and counterfeit medicines are registered in Turkey.

According to Giorgi Margvelashvili, head of the Association of Representatives of Pharmaceutical Companies talks about the risks. He does not know what mechanism the Georgian government intends to use to import quality medicines from Turkey, but it is unfair to believe that Georgia will take such a step only in relation to Turkey.

"Turkey could not be included in the list of reliable countries in 2009 simply because statistically the circulation of substandard, health-threatening, counterfeit medicines in Turkey is very high compared to European countries. Tt will be a risk for the health of the citizen of Georgia, what mechanism can be used to limit it, we do not know, we are waiting for further information from the Ministry, a separate mechanism cannot be created for the medicine imported from Turkey.
I think that reinsurance concerns to the component of prices. If we are talking about reliability, there will be a lot of questions because the supplier related to the country does not have the right to send the medicine to a third country. First-line distributors will not be able to do this if they do not have appropriate contract from the manufacturer. It is a difficult mechanism and it is not right to impose control on imports from one country taken separately from another, ”said Giorgi Margvelashvili.