09.Sep .2021 19:00

Unvaccinated Employees in Armenia and those Who Won’t Provide Negative PCR Test May be Fired

Unvaccinated Employees in Armenia and those Who Won’t Provide Negative PCR Test May be Fired
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Employees who will not receive at least the first doze of the vaccine against Covid-19 before October 1 and will not provide the employer with negative PCR test every 2 weeks may be fired, Armenian Minister of Health Anahit Avanesyan stated at a press briefing.
The minister said that such employees will not be allowed to the workplace and will be fired. She said the tough measures do not run counter to the Constitution and the law on sanitary and hygienic protection of the population, ARKA reports. 

“The rights of the citizens can be limited only by law. In other words, there are no problems with the law and the Constitution," she said. She also said that in case of violations, companies would also be fined, but did not specify the amount.
Under Armenian health minister’s decision announced in late August, starting from October 1, 2021, employees of public and private sector who refuse vaccination against Covid-19 will have to take coronavirus tests twice a month at their own expense. According to the ministry, the decision was prompted by a steady rise in the number of new cases of coronavirus detected daily.
According to the health ministry, only fully vaccinated citizens or those who received the first dose, can go to work without PCR tests. The exception is only for pregnant women and people with medical contraindications for vaccination.
The new requirements apply to employees in such areas as public administration and local governments, manufacturing, construction, mining, office activities, wholesale and retail trade, public catering, hotel industry, hairdressing and beauty salons, transport, health care, sports organizations, pharmacies, education, welfare, libraries, museums, cinemas and cultural centers.
According to the Health Ministry, about 5 percent of the country’s population is now fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Health Minister Anahit Avanesyan said earlier this week that although many Armenians are still hesitant about vaccination, a recent opinion poll showed that the proportion of Armenians ready to get vaccinated has risen to over 40 percent from 10 percent in March.