03.Dec .2020 11:15

Up-to-date, easy and secure new Internet Banking for ProCredit Bank customers

Up-to-date, easy and secure new Internet Banking for ProCredit Bank customers
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ProCredit Bank is now offering new Internet Banking services. Our system speaks to you, has simple functionalities and specialised modules to make it more convenient for you to perform your daily financial transactions.

The online platform is based on up-to-date design principles and integrated with international security systems. The conceptual and interface aspects were developed together with the Ukrainian company ARTKAI, leveraging their significant international experience in the creation and development of digital products.

In the first stage of implementation, customers will have access to all the basic services for daily banking: activating strong authentication services, managing accounts and profile information, performing money transfers and currency exchange, making simultaneous utility payments with one click, deposit opening for private individual clients, as well as a fully renewed transactions page, currency converter and bank information.

Product development will continue, and we will add new functionalities that meet the requirements and needs of customers and offer new opportunities to improve digital banking.

Both individuals and legal entities can use the new Internet Banking services by logging into https://online.procreditbank.ge/New with the existing usernames, so there is no need for further registration.

Switch to the new Internet Banking and become a ProCredit Bank user to enjoy the German Bank advantages!

For detailed information, please visit www.procreditbank.ge or call the Contact Centre at (+995 32 220 22 22).