17.Jun .2021 15:30

USAID Will Provide $ 67 Million in Grant to Georgia

USAID Will Provide $ 67 Million in Grant to Georgia
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The Grant Agreement between the United States and Georgia for Development Goals provides a $ 67 million grant from USAID to Georgia. The grant volume may increase to $ 330.5 million - as voiced by Giorgi Kakauridze, Deputy Minister of Finance, presented the mentioned issue at the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs.

According to the agreement, Georgia's co-payment is about $ 7.7 million, which will also increase with the increase of the grant amount.

According to Giorgi Kakauridze, the mentioned amount will be spent in several directions.
"In order to strengthen resilience to harmful external influences, $ 14.5 million is envisaged, which may increase to $ 79.4 million in the coming years.

Strengthening accountable governance to strengthen democratic gains - $ 25.9 million is provided in this area and includes the rule of law, democratic governance, political competition, civil society, basic education, and social services.

Creating inclusive, high-paying and high-quality employment opportunities as a result of economic growth - $ 26.6 million has been allocated in this direction," the parliament said in a statement.