02.Feb .2021 14:30

Vaccination Information Campaign is Delayed - Health Expert

Vaccination Information Campaign is Delayed - Health Expert
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Georgia has officially confirmed that the country will receive more than 29,000 doses of Pfizer vaccine late this month, but the government is delaying the increase of vaccination confidence especially in target groups.

Health experts are urging the government to communicate with the public to ensure high vaccine uptake. Akaki Zoidze believes that one of the challenges is to convince society in the positive sides of vaccination, as overcoming the pandemic is only achieved through vaccination.

“In my opinion, providing comprehensive information about the vaccine should be started earlier. We must explain that it is safe and the benefits far outweigh the risks”, Akaki Zoidze declares.

According to him, the vaccination campaign is a large-scale national campaign, it will probably start within the next month after the risk groups are vaccinated.

“Monitoring should be carried on, the public people must give the example, the involvement of various public institutions is important. We must show that this is a matter that can be brought to the level of national security, as our country’s economy is in great danger," said Akaki Zoidze.