03.Mar .2021 12:30

Vaccine Tours - what does the industry consider?

Vaccine Tours - what does the industry consider?
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Representatives of the tourism sector voiced another demand yesterday and appealed to the Georgian government to bring in the commercial covid-vaccine. As they say, the private sector can bring 100,000 double doses of Chinese and Russian covid-vaccines and they are waiting for permission from the state.

According to Maia Murachashvili, the founder of "Iberia Tour Plus", vaccination will be given to those who want to be vaccinated.

Murachashvili declares, there are many countries around the world, that are still waiting for the vaccine. She notes, that if commercial covid-vaccine is imported from the medical institutions, travel companies will organize "vaccine tours" and vaccinate those persons, who want to be vaccinated. Moreover, these individuals will stay in the country for two weeks and the country will receive additional income.

“Pfizer vaccine is delayed in Georgia, while AstraZeneca will enter the country if they do not betray us. If they betray, we will have to bring Chinese and Russian vaccines. It will be a very late period. So, the private sector declares not to stop the process and they will take care of this issue. It will be voluntary and anyone who wishes will get this vaccine. There are too many countries like us that have not yet received the vaccine. Consequently, “vaccine tours" are already set. It will be a kind of revival for tourism. Travel companies within the frame of "vaccine tours" will get those people who want to be vaccinated. They will arrive, stay in Georgia for two weeks and spend the relevant funds," said Maia Murachashvili, the founder of Iberia Tour Plus.