10.Nov .2020 10:30

"Arakuna" - company "Ankanakeba" started producing a new drink

"Arakuna" - company "Ankanakeba" started producing a new drink
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Company “Ankanakeba” started producing of a new drink "Arakuna" amid pandemic and invested up to 10,000 GEL. The company initially produced 200 bottles with 5 flavors - mint, laurel, rose, basil and orange-cinnamon.

As Mariam Shevardnadze, director of the company told BM.GE, the idea " a bar without leaving home" came up soon after the start of the state of emergency and united friends around this common idea.

“During the state of emergency, it was impossible to have fun, especially in the evening. One day, when we wanted to go to the bar and have a fun, the older members of the family offered us a pleasant alcoholic beverage. We tasted the drink, liked it and came up with the idea - "bar without leaving home". Soon we began to think about how to make this drink available to customers," said Mariam Shevardnadze.

The company currently employs 5 people, although they note that the number of employees will be increased in line with grown production and demand. Ankaneba also plans to be involved in state programs to attract investments and expand business.

"Despite the existing difficulties, we are developing the business with our own financial resources. Today, we have invested about 10,000 GEL. We want to grow and attract investment," said the director of the company.

At this stage, Ankanakeba is negotiating with various bars in Tbilisi so that even more people can taste the new product. The sale of the drink is carried out through online sales.

"Now, we make sales through social pages Facebook and Instagram and at the initial stage, the amount of produced drinks is intended for online sales," Mariam Shevardnadze told BM.GE.