10.Jun .2021 13:30

Waime Spices Exported 1.2 Tones Of Spices In Israel and Latvia

Waime Spices Exported 1.2 Tones Of Spices In Israel and Latvia
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Spices Producer Company Waime Spices expands export markets. Local producer exported spices of 1,200 kg in Israel and Latvia.

Giorgi Gogia, founder of Waime Spices declared, that Israel market was interesting for the company and they started to work on this direction from last May.

“Our spices were exported in Israel a few days ago. we exported 400 kg spice at the first stage. Preparatory works, including registration and procedures at the Ministry of Health, took about 1 year. Today, Waime Spices are sold in 10 stores. The interest in our spices in the new market is quite high. That is why it is a priority for us to bring the products in the retail stores. The central warehouse is in Jerusalem and the spices are still sold at the stores in Jerusalem. Products are also sold through online channels, for which we have created a special Facebook page,” said Giorgi Gogia.

According to Gogia, cost of 50 g spice (one pack) totals to 15 Shekel. The company plans to export 1, 200 kg spice per month.

“We wanted to enter Israeli market for diversification. The process is rather difficult due to the bureaucratic rules. We have decided to enter Israeli market, as Georgian companies are not represented there and Russian and Ukrainian spices are sold as Georgian products”, founder of Waime Spices said.

According to him, the company also entered Latvia in the same period.

"We started working on the Latvian market in 2020 and in 2021 we entered Latvia along with Israel. For the first time we exported up to 800 kg of products and in this case our spices are presented both in the HORECA, as well as in the retail sector,” said Giorgi Gogia.

Last year, a small amount of spices was exported from Georgia to Israel and exports totaled $ 2,000, while in Latvia, spices worth $ 18.6 thousand were sold.