25.Jan .2023 15:00

Waime Spices Exported 1.5 Tons Of Georgian Spices In 2022

Waime Spices Exported 1.5 Tons Of Georgian Spices In 2022
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Georgian spice manufacturer Waime Spices ended 2022 with a 10% increase and sold 6 tons of spices in total, of which 1.5 tons were exported. Giorgi Gogia, the founder of the company, told BM.GE.

"2022 was a good year. We have 150 types of products in our store, of which 15 are our signature mixture. Our products are presented in Israel, Azerbaijan and Poland, and due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, their purchasing power is decreased. At least 55% of our customers are Georgians, and 45% are tourists, this year there were quite a large number of Armenian and Israeli tourists," said Giorgi Gogia.

The founder of Waime Spices also talks about his plans for 2023, which include expansion, increased productivity and new export markets.

"In 2023, we are going to open two more branches in Digomi and Saburtalo, we are currently in the process of negotiations.

We are also expanding export markets, we are negotiating with several countries, including Hungary, where we will appear soon.

Therefore, our productivity will also increase, we want to double the number of our sales products this year," explains Gogia.

Products of Waime Spices are presented in their personal store on "Bazari Orbeliani", the company currently employs six people, and according to the founder, it will employ five more persons after expansion. The average price of products amounts to GEL 4.5.