29.Oct .2020 11:15

Was the Government Overly Frightened When It Announced Lockdown? – Minister Answers

Was the Government Overly Frightened When It Announced Lockdown? – Minister Answers

According to the Minister of Finance of Georgia Ivane Machavariani, in the first quarter of the year, the announcement of lockdown and the complete closure of the economy was the most rational decision.
This is how the Minister answered the question in an interview with - "Was the government overly frightened when it announced lockdown in the spring?"
Ivane Machavariani says that by announcing lockdown, the Georgian government has gained time to prepare for the fight against the pandemic.
"What did we do by setting a lockdown?" - Many lives have been saved. We have prepared ourselves in terms of material and technical issues, as well as in terms of gaining knowledge and experience of doctors. All this allowed us to revive domestic tourism in the summer. Naturally, it could not make up for the losses from international tourism due to border closures and pandemics, but our goal was to minimize the damage.
Like the Prime Minister, Ivane Machavariani insists that the next lockdown is not planned, even though Georgia is at its peak of infected cases now.
"Unfortunately, today we are at the peak, we can not miss it, just like no one else. We see increasing numbers in European countries too. Consequently, the approach is a bit different now - we have to follow the philosophy of adaptation not to have significant limitations. This is a challenge for all countries.
Lockdown in the spring and lockdown - now is qualitatively different and serve different purposes. The type of lockdown we had in the spring would not even be enough in the case of such a degree of the spread of the virus, and therefore it will be tough for many countries to manage this situation," - said the Minister.