27.Jan .2021 14:30

We cannot learn to live with COVID-19 at home - RED-CO

We cannot learn to live with COVID-19 at home - RED-CO
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Malkhaz Kunelauri, director of developer company RED-CO declares, that managing a pandemic with closing is not a perfect way during the crisis.

"Unfortunately, we received the answer that mountain resorts, ski roads and ropeways will not open from February 1. We try to explain that if we are open, we will follow all regulations like the shopping malls”, Kunelauri said after meeting with government officials.

Kunelauri noted, that shopping malls successfully fulfilled the regulations and there was no epidemic outbreak.

“We want to open in a test mode like the shopping malls. However, government officials and epidemiologists have a different opinion from us and we could not agree today, "Kunelauri said.

He also notes that people cannot learn to live with Covid-19 at home and the opening is needed. According to him, the long-term plan is to direct subsidies and finances on fulfilling the regulations as much as possible.

The director of RED-CO said that he did not see any logic regarding the decision to resume flights from February 1.

"Flights Resumption in the condition of a strict curfew does not make any sense. How we should bring tourists here when mountain resorts are still closed. Resumption of flights will only bring any results if tourism is opened," he said.