26.Sep .2022 13:00

We Can't Make Exports - Georgian Asparagus

We Can't Make Exports - Georgian Asparagus
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The market value for per kg of Georgian asparagus stood at GEL 30 this year. As Tina Tsamalaidze, co-founder of Georgian Asparagus notes, she is satisfied with the product sales this year, although many problems remain in the sector, including the issue of exports.

In particular, according to Tsamalaidze, Georgian asparagus is competitive in export markets, although its volumes are insufficient.

"Georgian asparagus is one of high quality and competitive, both on local and export markets. Years ago, there was no competition in the Georgian market, but now several companies are gaining ground.

We cannot export, because increasing the quantity of asparagus requires certain expenses, including maintaining the refrigeration systems because asparagus is a perishable product. All this is difficult for a small business", Tina Tsamalaidze explained.

According to the Geostat, Georgia has increased the export of asparagus by 32%. As of the statistical data, from January-July 2022, Georgia exported 17.05 tons of fresh or chilled asparagus worth USD 107.66 thousand, while the country sold 12.88 tons of asparagus worth USD 81.92 thousand on foreign markets in the same period of 2021.