27.Oct .2020 12:00

We Don’t Bear a Burden of the Past – Lelo for Georgia

We Don’t Bear a Burden of the Past – Lelo for Georgia
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“We are the new political force – Badri Japaridze, one of the leaders of the Political party Lelo for Georgia told The Checkpoints, adding - We don’t bear a burden of the past”.

According to Japaridze, a clear competitive advantage that Lelo for Georgia has, rests on predominantly young and successful people who have been very visible in their fields of a professional career. “Competitive advantage of Lelo for Georgia is clearly competence, background, ability to implement the reforms and in that sense, I don’t see any other party with the same competence as Lelo for Georgia has and the same professional team that we have” – Japaridze said.

According to Japaridze, if Lelo for Georgia becomes the dominant opposition party, it will form a coalition government with other opposition parties who share western values. “We will be quickly creating a coalition government with those political forces and we will start implementing our anti-crisis plans we have described in our program - New Marshal Plan for the reconstruction of Georgia” – Badri Japaridze told The Checkpoints in an interview, conducted by Giorgi Isakadze.