14.Aug .2020 12:07

We expect 5% increase of "Kula” capacity in 2020 - Ivane Goglidze

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Ivane Goglidze, director of Kula, expects that capacity of Kula will be increased by 5% in 2020 despite the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have positive expectations”, - director of the company told BM.GE.

According to him, enterprise capacity and sales are increased by 15-29% y-o-y, but 2019 has been the most successful for the company.

“Last year, we had rather good growth and it amounted to 25%. At this stage, our goal is to keep last year’s sales and increase it at least by 5%”, Ivane Goglidze declared.

According to him, sales decreased on the local market, but demand on the concrete product had neutralized that reduction.

“Sales are decreased in some segments on the local market, while increased in other one. However, sales are grown on canned meat and vegetable and it neutralized decline in other segments”, - director of Kula declared.
As for the export, the head of the company consider that company follows the taken course well.