21.May .2021 12:00

We Fulfill The Plan For May By 25% - Air Company

We Fulfill The Plan For May By 25% - Air Company
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Service Air, which operates domestic flights between Georgian cities under the brand Vanilla Sky from Natakhtari Airport, is fulfilling its May plan by 25%.

Amiran Manjavidze, head of the company says that Natakhtari Airport still operates at a low load, despite the increased activity in the tourist season.

"We fulfill the plan for May by 25%, but there is an increase in demand for travel. We think that the demand will increase seriously in the beginning of June and the frequencies will be grown accordingly,” said Amiran Manjavidze.

Currently, flights from Natakhtari Airport to Batumi, Mestia and Ambrolauri are operated twice a week. According to the director of Service Air, in agreement with the government, three flights a week will be performed from June to Batumi and Mestia.

According to Amiran Manjavidze, the cost of flights is maintained.

“Our customers are tourists from Ukrainian, Russian and Israel. The demand from locals has always been great," said Amiran Manjavidze.

At the same time, the head of Service Air says that the launch of flights to new destinations - Batumi-Telavi and Batumi-Mestia - has been postponed due to the pandemic. According to him, it will be possible to add flights to Telavi only after the Telavi Airport is repaired, and the launch of the Batumi-Mestia route depends on the frequency and demand of tourist flows.

The cost of domestic flights is as follows:

Natakhtari - Mestia - Natakhtari One way: adult 90 GEL; Children (3-12) 63 GEL;
Natakhtari - Ambrolauri - Natakhtari One way: adult 50 GEL; Children (3-12) 35 GEL;
Tbilisi - Batumi - Tbilisi One way: adult - 125 GEL; Children (3-12) - 88 GEL; Infants (0-3) - for free.