01.Nov .2020 16:00

We Have a Country to Build – Redco

We Have a Country to Build – Redco
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Unfortunately, our country lives from election to election, which means that long term stable and sustainable development is not provided for business – this is what Director of Redco Malkhaz Kunelauri told The Checkpoints while commenting on the agenda that the business community and citizens might have for the new parliament after the elections.
According to Kunelauri, people are planning their lives according to governmental change and that is not good. “Now everyone’s attention is heavily focused on elections – Director of Redco said – Therefore, other processes such as economic activity are completely delayed. Many bureaucratic and deadlocked legislative norms are still in force today, which means that many reforms need to be carried out”.
According to Kunelauri, the construction business should not be deregulated but regulations should be moderate. “We are not a European country where everything has already been built. We have a country to build. Therefore directly adhering to the EU standards and creating a high bureaucratic is absolutely unacceptable. We do not have the luxury of that” – Malkhaz Kunelauri added.