16.Jun .2021 13:30

We Have High Expectations For The Summer Tourist Season – GNTA

We Have High Expectations For The Summer Tourist Season – GNTA
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The summer tourist season was officially opened in Adjara yesterday.

Acting Head of the National Tourism Administration (GNTA) Medea Janiashvili says that the expectations are positive and tourists will be hosted in full compliance with the regulations.

"The summer tourist season is officially opened, we have very positive expectations. Up to 60 flights are fulfilled a week from Batumi International Airport and our neighboring countries, including Ukraine and Kazakhstan have direct access, as well as Israel, Saudi Arabia, which are also our target markets. In addition, we conduct active marketing campaigns on these markets. During the season, everyone will follow the existing regulations and rules that the country has towards tourists. We will spare no effort in terms of marketing activities. On the other hand, you have positive expectations that the tourist flows in the country will be recovered very quickly," said Medea Janiashvili.

The acting head of the National Tourism Administration explains that the country will reach pre-pandemic levels by 2023.

"Compared to the last year, the increase is more than 300%. However, we are observing the daily trend since June 1 to set a specific figure for this period”, said Janiashvili.