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We Have Very Strong Arguments - Clinics

We Have Very Strong Arguments - Clinics
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A few days ago, 100 clinics of the Georgia Public Health Association addressed Health Minister Zurab Azarashvili with an open letter. According to the signatories, the letter includes the issue of tariff indexation, which is the basis of the clinics' financial stability and successful operation. The authors of the letter say that if the clinics do not make tariff indexation, it will be a big financial blow to the clinics.

The Minister of Health replied to the clinics that the Ministry needs a solid argument to revise their tariffs. In response to the minister's answer, Archil Chukhrukidze, vice-president of the Society of Cardiologists of Georgia, notes that they have very strong arguments and added that a meeting is needed to listen to these arguments.

As Chukhrukidze said, if the Minister of Health does not meet the clinics, they will appeal to the Prime Minister.

"To give solid arguments, we should meet each other, we are asking for this for so long. If something was unclear in those standards and calculations, a meeting was necessary for that. We have very strong arguments and they go directly to the health and quality services of our population.

Based on the last meetings, the approaches of their conversation have changed. We had very positive expectations and in the end, we found ourselves in the same situation as under Mrs. Tikaradze.

Several times I offered to meet and explain in detail the problems that we have, but unfortunately, no one wanted to do this and surprisingly, they could not listen to solid arguments.

If the meeting fails, we will probably have to request a meeting with the Prime Minister, so that the Prime Minister gets involved and shares the worries of the health sector," said Archil Chukhrukidze.