20.Oct .2020 23:00

We must maintain trust of “NIKE" and "ADIDAS” - Adjara Textile


Gia Lominadze, director of Adjara Textile declares that the company’s aim is to maintain trust of “NIKE" and "ADIDAS”. He noted it after the meeting held between the Prime Minister and business community.

According to him, the PM has promised the business that the government will not announce lock down afresh.

“Supposedly lock down will be very painful for our company. During the first lockdown, the same process was going on all over the world and the situation in Georgia was not noticeable. However, now things will be different. During the first stage of the pandemic, we had orders from the following countries Jordan, Egypt, so we have started construction of the fourth enterprise. The main thing for us now is to maintain trust of NIKE and ADIDAS," Gia Lominadze said.