13.May .2020 18:17

We need work protocols - the founder of Check-in-Travel

We need work protocols - the founder of Check-in-Travel
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Ia Gedevanishvili, the founder of the travel company Check-in-Travel, considers development of security protocols to be the most important need for tourism and says that the results of the fight against pandemics in the country allow Georgia to use its advantages on the international market.

As Ia Gedevanishvili told BM.GE, in order to resume negotiations with foreign partners, they must have standards.

"As far as Georgia seems to be a safe country in all aspects, we must use it well, for which we must have carefully defined safety protocols. It all depends on each other. We talk to our partners on a daily basis in terms of information exchange. So far, we are working on plans, but we do not have common protocols - if I bring someone, I need to know exactly how many people I have the right to put in the car during transportation, what should be more protected, how many people can be accommodated in the hotel and etc. We need work protocols! As soon as we have the protocols, we will be able to calculate the package costs and offer them to foreign tourists,”said Ia Gedevanishvili.