18.Apr .2022 14:00

We Plan To Sell 150 Tons Of Ice Cream By The End Of The Year - Baskin Robbins

We Plan To Sell 150 Tons Of Ice Cream By The End Of The Year - Baskin Robbins
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Baskin Robbins plans to open 8 new facilities and sell 150 tons of ice cream by the end of the year, - according to Levan Gogava, co-founder of B & R Georgia.

As he notes, easing of COIVD-related regulations increased the number of Russian and Ukrainian visitors, which in turn grew the demand for the ice cream.

"Ice cream season in Georgia is starting now, but the demand is already high. After the tourists, we put the resource for popularizing our ice cream in teenagers, because they know less about Baskin Robbins, unlike the older generation, who remembers it more.

We are actively planning to open new facilities. 8 branches will be added this year, of which 2 will be in Tbilisi and 6 outside the city. A total of GEL 1 million 500 thousand will be invested in the new facilities.

Our sales grew by about 150% during the last summer season due to the increased number of facilities, "- explained Levan Gogava.

As for the pricing policy, he said, despite the increased logistics and raw materials, they do not plan to increase prices. "Prices will be maintained at the expense of demand and the addition of new branches," he added.

American Baskin Robbins opened last spring. The company is currently represented in Georgia with 10 branches, of which 6 have branches in Tbilisi and 4 in the regions. Now, the company employs 50 people in Georgia, and with the addition of new branches, the number of employees will increase by 50.

Baskin Robbins was officially operated in Georgia in the 90s.