23.Jan .2020 18:33

We sell wine in Russia under the strictest conditions - Schuchmann Wines

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Our active policy is to be present in different and less risky markets, Nutsa Abramishvili, CEO of Schuchmann Wines Georgia, told BM.GE about the importance of diversifying Georgian export markets.

She said that Schuchmann Wines will continue its strategy in 2020 and Russia’s share in exporting their products will be up to 3-5%.

"We have shifted our focus to Asia's rich markets by 2020," Nutsa Abramishvili said.

According to the CEO of Schuchmann Wines Georgia, Russia remains an important market for the company in terms of risk assessment.

“The Russian market is an important market for us as it is a high risk market due to a number of events, so we have only 3-5% of Russia's share in our plan.

The recent devaluation of the ruble, or economic downturns have generally led to problems with the withdrawal of funds, so we sell wine in Russia on the most stringent terms. Which means 100% down payment, no consignment. If anyone wants to start a business with us, he or she should be ready to invest, that is, to pay in advance, to buy and then to get the goods”, explained the company's CEO.